Features reaching the entire spectrum

Multiple User Logins

Our system gives individual login access to your students, multi-member families, instructors, and staff. Each user can view their scheduling, billing, lesson materials, and so much more.

Get Paid Faster

Schedule your lessons and let us handle your billing! We offer clients online payment options through PayPal or Stripe. Create flexible billing plans for clients by offering installment options or discounts.

Simple Scheduling

Quickly reschedule, cancel, or add makeup sessions within a few clicks. Mark attendance for completed sessions and leave remarks or weekly practice tips for students.

Upload Lesson Materials

Keep your lesson materials organized in one central location for students to download or view. Upload files, such as PDFs or audio/video attachments, or directly link YouTube videos into our system.

Stay Connected

Connect with users through group discussions, private Q&As, or public announcements. Needing to get your lesson policy across? Share business policies and terms directly with users to view.

Track Progress

Download your business reports as CSV or spreadsheet files. Watch your studio and students grow by tracking progress. Students can set goals, track progress, and reach achievements through their personal accounts.

How OMNIS Works

Questions & Answers

Create courses by selecting instructors, scheduling sessions, adjusting prices, and adding students. Once a session is ready to launch, simply schedule and begin teaching. For more information please view the course creation tutorial.
Before accepting online payments through OMNIS you must create a PayPal and/or Stripe account(s). After registering for each account, add your PayPal email ID or Stripe public keys. Once pricing and installments have been selected and the course has been launched, you may add payments in the form of cash or check. Students and parents have the option of paying online through PayPal or Stripe. For a complete payment guide, watch our payment tutorial video. Students and parents have the option of paying online through PayPal or Stripe. Please contact support@omnismanagement.com for additional help.
Include instructor and student’s Skype ID founded within user’s profile. When creating a course, select [Online] as the course site. Before launching, verify Skype IDs and scheduling. Skype session icon will appear under the tool’s section found in your schedule. Launch Skype session by clicking the Skype icon, login to Skype, and proceed to video call.
By adding valuable content to your courses, keep students engaged throughout the week in between sessions. Don’t put limits on your students, make learning available at all times. Upload weekly session videos through YouTube or session attachments. Stay actively involved in OMNIS powered public discussions, private Q&A’s, and studio announcements.
We want to hear your thoughts! By giving us your feedback, we are able to grow and develop a better tool for you and your students. What would make OMNIS better for your business? New ideas or improvements? We’d love to hear it. Send us a message at support@omnismanagement.com or connect with @omnismanagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

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